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Just like your heating and air conditioning equipment, a roof needs periodic servicing and inspection in order to maximize return on your investment.

Periodic inspections can uncover potential problems before they become emergencies, and they can reduce the total amount of expenditures on a roof system due to service calls. Roofing systems are valuable assets that must be maintained and protected.

Roofing systems may fail due to a number of factors:
  1. Poor workmanship during installations
  2. Poor design of the roof system
  3. Faulty materials
  4. Weathering or weather events
  5. Trapped moisture or mechanical damage
  6. Neglect and lack of maintenance
  7. Foot traffic on the roof surface
Best Roofing of Virginia will perform a fifty point digital roof system inspection utilizing the Accurence mobile application RoofCheck. Your RoofCheck report will include inspection results and photo documentation.

At your request, we will also perform an optional attic and/or optional gutter and downspout inspection.

Please contact us at (757) 340-7663 or use the request form below to schedule an inspection.
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